We at sourcing company with expertise in locating the best suppliers/Exporters for products in India. ERA SOURCING engaged in offering home furnishing items, decorative & giftware, home accents items, furniture items, kitchen & Bathroom items, Christmas articles and many other products.

We assist buyers in finding the best exporters of their commodities and in negotiation competitive prices for the goods. We also take care to oversee the production and inspection processes in order to guarantee our clients- quality manufacturing and a timely delivery.


We, Sacha Sauda Sourcing introduce ourselves as one of the leading merchandising company in Indian today . As it is evident ,India  with its vast culture and rich tradition has a lot to offer to the world But a strong base  and knowledge about the country is required to grow and excel in any business. We have gained expertise as sourcing agents as we have a large vendor base &experience on our side to serve you better. We have tested and trusted factories to be used.

We have come along way and emerged as one of the leading buying house ,engaged in sourcing of home fur furniture nishing ,floor coverings , ,fashion accessories , Garments and fabrics &more..

It needs a deep knowledge and experience of the challenges involved in complete customer requirement. There are multiple challenges faced by overseas companies in day to day working while dealing with a Country located at far location. To overcome these challenges, it is needed to have a right partner who can work as your eyes and ears with an experienced and intelligent mind set to make you feel like you are sitting there and make you feel comfortable by foreseeing possible challenges and work out solutions well in time. With more than 20+ years of experience in managing complete customer requirement we offer our commitment to you for a stress free business to help you grow in sales volume as well as profitability to our customer .Our head office is located in Noida with branch offices in New Delhi .Sacha Sauda Sourcing has a strong team of professionals with minute knowledge of materials and process which helps to choose right materials and processes for minimum possible costs and faster production. Our expertise helps both buyer as well as manufacturer.


Our vision is to become a cutting edge professionally managed international business company, deliver outstanding client services,become trusted and caring partners in progress,Beliveing in “With you for you always” “Quality is the Foundation of Business.”

Our continuous effort to develop knowledge , systems and skills to add more value for our clients . Provide fulfilling careers and professional satisfaction for our people and achieve financial success to reward ourselves and growth.

What we Do ?

Sacha Sauda manage and provide complete services for client starting from market analysis , study of design trend … to product shipment . we cater our clients for their specific requirement for a particular service or cater our clients for their specific requirements for a particular service or cater for complete service to management .

How we Do ?

In Sacha Sauda,we have standardized each process and control them by using different formats to keep customer updated at any point of time and take corrective actions wherever required.


our sole objective is to provide solution to importing companies for their product -development ,sourcing, inspection and logistic needs from India . Our primary objective is to leave customers free to concentrate on what they do best while we take care of all back-end jobs. Company is structured into different departments to handle various aspects of our service portfolio each department has a team of experienced and technically qualified professional.

Product & Suppliers:-

We are sourcing wide variety of products from across India.

We always keep in Mind “Quality is the Foundation of Business”

 Home Furnishing, Floor Coverings, Decorative & Gift-ware, Home Accents, Fashion Accessories, Furniture, Kitchen & Bathroom items, Christmas articles, Recycle Products, One of a kind item are a few categories that we do in big volumes for our existing customers. Talking about production centers, we have decent volume business from Jodhpur, Jaipur, Karur Panipat, Moradabad, Delhi, Noida etc. Our suppliers are from medium to large manufacturers we select them depending upon our client profile. Suppliers who work with us for volume trade are vertically integrated and comply with requirements for mass merchants.

We have come a long way and emerged as one of the leading buying houses, engaged in sourcing of Metal, Wood, home furnishing, floor coverings, furniture, fashion accessories sourcing, home furnishing fabrics,Kids Garment, Men & Women Garment and more. 

We believe in honesty and integrity in our client-vendor relationship. We believe there is no match for creativity and innovation, and strive to be leaders; break design and expertise mould.

We judge quality not only by the client’s satisfaction, but by our own. We are our own toughest critics and strive to maintain and adhere to the QA standards.

 We follow the“Pras” method on product. PRAS is PRODUCT RISK ANALYSIS which is done by us at the time product development and its tested to avoid last minute problem.

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Our Services:

Sacha Sauda Sourcing Team.

we follow “with you for you always”

People are the most important assets of the service company and we have a good team in place. We have following departments each is staffed with qualified and experienced person.

Product Development:

Product designing in the process to bring a concept in a visual form our development team which works in close contact with clients on all their new projects. Our team handles all new developments sent by clients,team is an interface between client and supplier they coordinate sampling and keep client updated on the progress. We also have experience designer with good design oriented companies.tie-ups with a couple of free-lance designers for clients who are looking to out-source designs.Keeping design secrete from getting being copied by competitors is equally important . We keep all the resources we use covered under “Non Disclosure Agreement”and our team keep a close check on them that international shows and in their display area in factories/shows. If any such Non compliance is found vendor is blacklisted immediately and client is updated.

Merchandising :

Merchants and assistant merchants are technically qualified and have hands on product experience with export-houses.

Upon order confirmation Order status is the primary document used it contains all data related to order and is accessed by our staff for all information. Merchant updates it on real-time basis and, weekly updated copy is sent to Buyer on every Monday. Product Development team maintains records of new developments received from Buyer, all details are updated in New Development Status sheet and it is used for follow-up with supplier and Buyer updates.

Quality Control:

Quality control team consists of technically qualified quality inspectors with experience in different product lines.

Shipping and Accounts:

Shipping team has experienced staff and they understand their job quite well.

Areas of responsibilities are clearly ear-marked in our office and proper documenting and reporting systems are in place for each department.

Vendor Compliance :

we have trained staff to conduct factory audits to assess production capacity and compliance. In case of Social and other regulatory compliance matters we have tie-up with reputed agencies to conduct 3rd party audits, which is acceptable to most of the retailers worldwide.our compliance team audits all factory time to time and check factory audited status for…

Financial status

Social and Environmental compliance

Security Compliance

Quality Management System

Systems & Processes

We have created a practical and fool-proof system in our company to ensure that we not only meet but exceed client expectations. It is a practical system that cuts across each department and function, its objective is to ensure compliance by anticipating and eliminating problem areas. It is categorized into three primary processes Merchandising & PD Process, SIF Process and Logistics; all these processes rely on various documents for recording and reporting purposes. Please find below a brief description of the each process, documents required are highlighted and their usage explained; kindly refer to enclose Standard Inspection File (SIF) to review documents.

Merchandising And Pd Process

  • Buyer Visit Recap
  • Import Quote Sheet
  • Order Status Update
  • New Development Status

Buyer visits are recapped and sent to client within a few days of visit, which is further followed-up with detailed quotes in specified quote sheets. Upon order confirmation Order status is the primary document used it contains all data related to order and is accessed by our staff for all information. Merchant updates it on real-time basis and, weekly updated copy is sent to client on every Monday. Product Development team maintains records of new developments received from clients, all details are updated in New Development Status sheet and it is used for follow-up with supplier and client updates.

Product Testing: It is incorporated in above process as per client requirement and nature of the product.

Quality Control Process / Sif Process

Standard Inspection File (SIF): Master file which QC uses for inspection purpose it contains following:

  • Inspection Information Check-list
  • Product Quote Sheet
  • PO Copy
  • Product Picture
  • Approval Sample Review Form (ASRF)
  • Production Sample Review Form (PSRF)
  • Labeling Approval Form (LAF)
  • Packaging Approval Form (PAF)
  • Test Report
  • Carton Markings
  • Documentation Check-list

Products are sourced as per client requirements and also our PD team sources and send new designs and ideas to clients on a regular basis. Our vendor matrix is deep and wide, policy is to source directly from the manufacturer who is the best fit for the customer. Our experience with several suppliers helps us source right product at right price.

SIF is used as a bible by our client cell; it contains all information required by them to follow-up on order and conduct inspections. Most of the production orders are subjected to three inspections Inline/Midline and Final. SIF process is connected to the inspection process. PO copy, Quote Sheet and ASRF are the first documents that go into the file. ASRF is prepared when an item is approved and production go-ahead is given. It is the most important document and looks at the product from customer’s point of view identifying all grey areas, at this time sample is signed and given to factory along with signed ASRF. During Inline inspection PSRF is prepared QC inspects the product and looks at all points mentioned in ASRF any variations detected are either rectified or reported to client.

Midline is conducted when 15-20% merchandise is in-house, at this time LAF and PAF are prepared to close labeling and packaging. LAF has all labeling instructions and prototypes attached it is sent to buyer for approval. PAF has packaging specification and dummy packaging picture it is sent to client for approval as well. Our effort is to have these closed at least 30 days before the final inspection.

Final inspection is conducted once goods are ready to ship, however it is the easiest part of the job once above processes are performed diligently.

Logistics Process

  • Vendor Information File
  • Documentation Checklist
  • Cargo Status Report
  • Shipment Status Report

Vendor Information File contains details about suppliers and is sent to client for vendor set-up. Documentation Checklist is prepared at our end to facilitate compliance; it is a gist of client instructions for shipping and documentation. Cargo status report is an interface between consolidator and our shipping department. Shipment Status Report updates import department with shipment and document status.

Each document mentioned above has been drafted carefully with dual objective, one to help our staff perform their duties in an efficient and consistent manner and secondly to Update our clients with concise and clear information on timely basis.


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